Antenna Switching Layout Antenna Switching System

Switching System Layout.
Although it may look complicated the heart of the system is just the remote controller for the antenna switcher. The unit is an Ameritron RCS-10 and very versatile with both analogue and binary output terminals at the rear. The binary outputs are used to control the eight way relays, via a four core cable and the analogy I use another four core cable to control three relays for switching the quad loops for 10, 15, & 20 meters.

Top left of the drawing shows where the gamma matching component is located in the plastic weather proof box. I later added a dummy load on top of the tower on coaxial switcher port one. This is the default port when power is not applied and ensures that inadvertent transmissions are correctly terminated. It also helps in tracing any fault as the the whole system including cables, connectors, and relays are all checked out.
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