Derick Jin Pole
Jin Pole

Derrick - Jin Pole

This shot shows the derrick pole laying on the ground. It requires at least two persons to lift it. Its true purpose is a correctly designed Jin Pole according to specification diameter wise, and wall thickness. I used it once when hauling up the temporary nine meters mast. The only way I could handle it, is to winch it up and down. However it did come in handy for lifting the antenna up off the ground and installation of the thee section mast onto the pier pin, which I accomplished on my own.
Jin Pole Winch
Winch on Jin Pole

Winch Arrangement

The winch was clamped to the Jin Pole by heavy duty Antenna Specialist antenna clamps, which I acquired a plentiful stock, before my retirement. The winch was purchased in the local market at a very reasonable price. The Jin Pole was ordered from Bangkok and was supplied as part of the tower kit.

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