10 Meter feeder matching box
10 Meter Matching Box

10 Meter Omega Matching Box.
Apologies for the poor quality picture, this one was taken while holding on to the tower. The driven loop center point can be seen and has two "O BA" bolts with a link strap between. This allows me to check when open, to insert the MFJ259 analyzer to find both the resonance point and impedance details.

Not so clear are the tuning capacitors and switching relays. The coaxial 259 socket is to the bottom center and the relay to the bottom left. Basically all have the same layout, all parts from from the junk box.

15 Meter matcing box
15 Meter Matching Box

Fifteen Meter Omega Matching Box
This quality is not that much better with finger well and truly getting in the way (Bottom right)
Note that all capacitors have knobs fitted for tuning purposes. It was found that when the lid was closed the position of the capacitors with respect to its value was uncertain. Later I removed the knob and fitted a plastic piece of small trucking, aligned against the same axis as the tuning capacitor veins. This proved excellent in knowing how much capacitance was left and has the added advantage that it can be easily tuned by one hand.

20 meter matching box
10 Meter Matching Box (Again)

10 Meters Omega Matching Box

This was taken at ground level, but late at night, hence the over exposed flash. The center loop tap and omega matching rod can be seen to the right. All loop terminations are heavy duty auto crimp ons and soldered . Finally all exposed items were covered using the hot melt glue gun, both inside and out to prevent water ingress.

20 meter Match
20 Meter Omega Quad Antenna Matching Box

The above pictures was taken during a maintenance visit up the tower. Shown clearly are the high voltage (wide spaced ) tuning capacitors, and the heavy duty relay contacts, which are wired in parallel. All connections where possible are fitted with solder lugs. View the Circuit diagram of the Omega match. Antenna switching system
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