Quad Feeder Box
Boxes assembled on rope

Quad Feeder Suspension System

This picture shows the early stages of quad feeder suspension construction. It was surprising that no details of how the coaxial cable connections were to be made to the quad loops. I would go as far as to say that whilst the antenna is a kit, it never the less requires a good deal of engineering and material to accomplish a finished product.

Fortunately I had the tool and material to do the job. I also had some past experience in building quads, to know the weak points that required extra attention. However the method was still cut and drill on site.

In the photo the black box nearest the ground is the 20 meters omega matching box, with coaxial cable looped back to make a PL259 connection to the underside of the box. The nylon hanger tail have yet to be trimmed.

Unfortunately the picture is too dark to see the driven loop wires emerging horizontally from the matching boxes. Bottom left as if climbing the ladders is one on the fiber glass spreader arms
Feeder Box Support View
Final Location

This is a telephoto shot of the final installation of the antenna feeder box's on the tower at 35 meters. The feeder boxes and spreaders can be seen. Also the antenna remote selector box between the rotator and top tower base plate. At a later date a 1Kwatt oil filled dummy load was fixed on the base plate. The coaxial cables run from the switcher box, over the rotator, along the boom, and down the hanging nylon rope.

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