Quad Loop Suspension
Up View Nylon Rope Hanger

Quad Loop Suspension Methods

This is a picture taken looking upwards. It shows the nylon rope which hangs down attached to the spider for supporting all three gamma matching boxes. The nylon rope is about 5/8 thick and is hung double. The gamma boxes are mounted on a paxalin base plate. A 8 by 3 inch strip clamps the box to the rope and prevents the box twisting or tilting over. Aligned correctly it is an ideal way to mount the feed point matching box, and relieves any strain on the horizontal quad wires. The coaxial cables are also tied along the boom then down the hanging nylon rope which give body to the structure.
Quad Reflector Strap
Quad Reflector Loop Strap
View of the home made quad reflector loop strap complete with index finger bottom right. Showing where a tuning ladder can be inserted, The two outer bolts join the reflector loop with a short strap. The inner jolts clamp the nylon ropes together and can be adjusted up or down so that the loop wires lay perfectly horizontal. One reason that the tuning ladder was omitted was that the Eznec showed some detrimental effect on performance.

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