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Quad maker Designing and calculating Quad Dimension

The attached home made Microsoft Windows Excel spread sheet provides information about the required dimensions to build a cubical quad antenna. The program allows input of frequency in Mhz, loop spacing in wave lengths, and the quad formula. The text book formula of 1005 divided by frequency is no better than the formula for a dipole of 468. Both take no account of wire diameter, wire type, and wire propagation factors.

By inserting different values of this formula, we can work backwards from our results show in Eznec. By inserting different wires sizes, and comparing Eznec result we can establish some near certainty, before building. Data input fields are shown in blue, and produce a set of coordinates to be exported out of Excel into a separate file. This file can then be imported by Eznec.

The loop dimensions imported are fixed, but the frequency can still be changed to see a "what if" situation about antenna gains, and front to back ratios etc. It is the formula based around 1005, that is critical, and not the frequency in determine the loop dimension. Best front to back ratios will not cover both CW and phone sections.

The program does not provide any matching information, matching details can be obtained from within Eznec, based upon all factors. I would recommend that the antenna is frequency swept in Eznec, and the antenna designed for the lowest dip in the part of the band required. The actual impedance will never be 50 Ohms at the required frequency so use a matching network based upon the information Eznec provides at that frequency. The program contains three separate sheets.

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