Omiga construction
General layout showing method of Omega box attachment to hangers & antenna wire
Omega Drawing Layout
This is the general arrangement showing the omega matching box and major connection points. Also shown is the paxalin plate arrangement that clamps the nylon rope which is suspended from each spider from the end of the boom. There are two sets of rope one for the reflector and one for the driven element.

Omiga Schematic drawing
Omega Match & Antenna Relay Switch

This is a standard omega matching network. I have added a relay to disconnect the coaxial on each of the three driven loops. The tuning is very simple and I recommend it over the gamma match despite having an extra capacitor. It would be possible to substitute fixed capacitors but final tuning could be difficult up on the tower. Waterproofing the box is the most challenging aspect as there are at least six holes where water could enter if not carefully designed and protected I would highly recommend you first read the article by an american amateur (details on request) who provides an excellent insight into the theory of operation. Also invaluable calculations as to the voltages and current to expect. I did have a copy in the file, but unfortunately did not read the article until the job was finished, a big mistake which I very much regret.

Quad machanical Drawing
Electrical & Mechanical Joint Maintenance Locations

This is a drawing that I made in case I required maintenance in the future. I am likely to have some one climb the mast for me and inspect all the joints shown. I have found a very good rigger who with practical training, I hope will be able to repair any antenna problems. I have been up the mast several times, no problem, but theses days prefer someone else goes up.
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