Rigging team and me
Riggers and me
Rigging Team
These are the riggers, there was 7 in all, those not shown are loading up the truck after a hard day, at this time, light is failing fast. The person wearing the hard had and funny shorts is me.
Rigging Team
Remainder of the team
The rigger that did all the climbing is standing on the left. The lady in blue front row looked after the hardware bits and pieces. She made up all the cable guy rope thimble and bulldog clamps etc.
Rigger finishing up as night falls
This is a picture showing the gentleman standing on the left in the above picture.

He was the only one that climbed the tower, in fact, he only climbed it once. Erecting as he went along, including the antenna. The coaxial cable was hauled up to him, cable tying it to the mast on his way down.

I paid a fix price for the job, but equivalent wise each member received about $25 for the days work.

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