Tower Stress Analyses
Tower Stress Program

Tower Stress Structure Analyses

GwGrap is a mechanical stress analyses program for showing all sorts of bending moments. It is fascinating to build a structures and analyzer the stress. I built a one hundred foot guyed tower nominating each steel pieces including three set of guy wires. The program clearly shows in colour, parts that are under stress against the nominated steel material, changing grades of steel where necessary. The program is easy to construct a model, but unwieldy to change the material. Initially I drew the structure in Auto Cad 2000 in 3D format and then imported the drawing to GWgrape.
Analysis Tables
Tower Stress Table

The results after analysis is a set of tables. There are numerous sets of tables for all possible combination of stress and strains. Unless one has a good understanding of mechanical structures, not just the theoretical, it is essential to understand the safety factor required in building large structures.

For example the size of material and grade of material is very different when the head load is a quad antenna with a wind speed of 5Mph to that of a 20Mph or at a recommended safety speed of 80Mph. The tower is simple a different structure in each case. Knowledge of guy wires and all material are essential in designing the structure.

This project was also abandoned as the high quality grade of certified steel is not readily available in Chiang Mai.

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