Chiang Mai looking East
View Looking East

View of Chiang Mai - from radio Tower top 37 meters

Chiang Mai sits in a fertile basin surrounded by mountains. My QTH is approximately 5Klm towards the Western side. The picture taken looking east from the top of the tower shows local housing estates and the mountains to the East rim in the background.

Front Garden
Looking on Front Garden - West

View of the front garden from atop of the tower approximately 37 meters above ground. The bungalow roof is to the bottom left. The property line is up to the roadway running across the center. The next picture down, if you follow the road is a continuation into the distance.

Chiang Mai Looking West
Looking West above Garden

Looking West, the road running center is on private land where fruit tree are grown for commercial sale. A white fiber glass spreader arm with wire attached is top center which is part of the quad antenna.

Back Garden
Back Garden - East

Looking almost straight down the mast. The perimeter wall can be seen to the left and center. The mast is situated on the corner side of the bungalow so is approximately one quarter of the property picture wise.

Chiang Mai Looking West
Looking West into the distance

This is the mountain to the west of me which I believe is responsible for poor reception from the African continent. Due to the excepted and unstoppable practice of burning everything from garbage to field fires the mountain is all but invisible most of the year round. Monsoon rains tends to make visibility better for only a few days per year.

Chiang Mai Looking South East
View Looking South East

The mountains range can still be seen looking south east, in the background but towards the South are further away.

The following new pictures where takes just below the quad antenna approximate height 30 meters, during a maintenance visit in September 2007. As this is near the end of our rainy season the visibility is about as good as it gets, due to air pollution. Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountain, but otherwise is completely flat. The apparent slant in most pictures is due to camera parallel distortion. A beautiful location.

New View 1
Doi Suthep National Park to the right. City airport base of mountain center. - Looking South South West

New View 2
Doi Suthep mountain, top obscured by clouds, approximate 10Klm away. - Looking due West

New View 3
Doi Suthep mountain range with smaller hills. Forground farm land. - Looking North West

New View 4
Mountain range forming the Chiang Mai basin. - Looking North North West
New View 5
Mixture of farm land and part residential area. Looking almost due North

New View 6
Residential and new buildings along main highway. Mountain range on skyline. - Looking due North

New View 7
Housing estate leading from main highway . Looking North North East

New View 8
Main high way, with mountains forming Chiang Mai basin on the skyline.- looking due East

New View 9
Mainly farm land in the distance. foreground main highway with high voltage power lines. Looking South East

New View 10
Towards Chiang Mai city center. Cell phone tower center right. Many towers on skyline. Looking almost due South.

New View 11
Cell phone tower on the left, air port on the right, small village in foreground. Looking South South West

New View 12
Same as above picture but slightly to the West.

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