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About HS0ZEE - Sheridon Street

I was born in Blackburn Lancashire, England in 1943. I have been interested in electronics since the advent of transistors (OC71 types), and began by experimenting with transmitting and receiving circuits, initially converting an old BC Sheridonvalve radio for 160 meters mobile operation, using a surplus army 220-volt rotary converter, and a home built three-valve transmitter (807) final.

To improve my knowledge I went to night school, then to technical college where I obtained City and Guild certificates in Radio Communication. Following this I served a 5-year apprenticeship with a local electrical and electronics company. I took the R.A.E at Blackburn Technical Collage and the Morse Examination at the Liver Building, Liverpool. I received the license G3VFU in 1965.

Things then got quite exciting as I found employment as a radio engineer and studio tech, aboard the pirate radio broadcast ship Radio Caroline, first out Carol and Sheridon in New Zealandat sea off Ramsey bay, Isle of Man and then with Radio Caroline South, off Frinton bay. I stayed there for around six months, even getting a chance to do some but only on the late night shift! Things then got more serious as I was employed by Redifon Communications in London, and posted to Iran as a commissioning engineer. Subsequent posting followed to Libya, and Ghana.

A change to International Aeradio in London saw me posted to Zambia for four years, then on to Bahrain for 27 years!. Finally I joined a private company in Muscat Oman.

Licenses held G3VFU - 9G1SS - 9JS22 - A92BE - A45XU - HS0ZEE. I am now retired and living in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand since May 1997

My station in Thailand comprises of Kenwood TS940S, Kenwood SM-220 monitor, two-element three-band quad, at 35 meters. Also a dipole for fourty meter at fifteen meters. Computer used is a Pentium 4.

My interests are - Ham radio, contesting, operating SSB and PSK31, RTTY and electronic construction, reading QST, RSGB magazines, circuits books, computing, and surfing the net for circuit ideas. Other interests are traveling, sight seeing, and playing golf.

Status: - Age 64, married 37 years to Carol and enjoying every day together, we have one son Kieron 32 years old, living in UK.

Sheridon (Don) HS0ZEE

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