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Personal Photo Album of Radio Caroline -- Index Page
Life aboard the ship "MV Mi Amigo" 1967.
All the attached photographs were taken with my camera, and the prints placed in a photo album for over 40 years. Recently we have scanned these photographs, and I now wish to share these photographs with anyone interested to take a look. I am sure that I took many more photos but so far have not come across them.
Pictures have been cataloged and grouped into areas of interest. I worked as a radio engineer aboard both ships, Caroline North, and Caroline South. However the majority of pictures were take aboard Caroline South, moored three miles off shore in international waters. To reach Radio Caroline it was necessary to clear customs and immigration at Felixstow docks, where a tender such as the Offshore 1 or 2 would ferry us to the ship. On a clear day, Frinton-on-Sea coastal features could be seen from the ship.
Radio Caroline had two studios called main and recording. The main had a single play and mixer position. The recording studio was less sound proofed, but had two operating positions, which doubled as a news room, but mostly used for making up advertisements and jingles. Both studios where rather small so photographs tend to be close up. The recording studio, depending which angle the photograph was take, is either named the recording, or news studio, both names being interchangeable.

Album Name Pictures Show
Crew Changes Roger Day - Tom Edwards - Ian Macrae - Ray Cooper - Kerry Clarke - Mike Ahern - Steve Young - Johnnie Walker - Gerry Burke
DJ's Robbie Dale - Johnnie Walker - Tom Edwards - Ian Macrae - Keith Hampshire - Steve Young - Tommy Vance - Sheridon Street
Engineering Radio mast - Transmitters - Ships Generator (Caroline South)
Relaxing Tommy Vance - Johnnie Walker - Tom Edwards - Ian Macrae - Keith Hampshire - Robbie Dale - Mike Ahern - Steve Young - Sheridon Street
Sheridon Sheridon Street - Jerry Leighton - Tony Prince - Ian Macrae - Steve Young - Jimmy Houlihan
Vessel Radio Caroline (Mi Amigo) - Ships Tender - Life Boat Deck - Felixstow Harbour - Radio London, Off Shore 1 - Big L
Visitors Steve Young - Ian Macrae - Tom Edwards - Mike Ahern - Viking Saga -Visitors - Off Shore 1
PR Stuff Don Allan - Sheridon Keith Street (Self)
General Jerry Burke - Bob Stewart - Big John - Bridge - News Paper Clips
Radio Caroline North Gerry Leighton - Tony Prince - Don Allen - Jerry King - Nick Baily - Sheridon Street (Self)
Who are they Please help identify these DJ's - Crops taken from photographs above. Check out boat visitors, can you spot yourself on the Visitors page
My Radio Caroline Story

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