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This site has been developed to provide useful information to other radio amateurs. My enthusiasm has resulted in a mammoth task, consuming many hours at the keyboard. Today the project, still not fully completed, is launched as a Beta version. Please let me know of any errors, omissions, typo's. Your comments and recommendations for improvement would also be appreciated.

The general format is similar to a diary, serving as an ongoing report of findings about each subject and describing many interesting events and problem solving solutions that occurred. The site is built around three major TOPICS, Amateur / Information / HS0ZEE, each of which is split into an average of five subjects. Some subjects are further subdivided into separate headings. Every subject has inserted thumbnail views, each of which expands to additional picture pages with individual descriptions.

There are 14 Chapters, covering 131 HTML pages, 47 thumbnails, 306 pictures and 10 zipped files. The pictures, each 250X250 have been compressed to a reasonable size of between 8K and 30K, in order to conserve down load time and thus your sanity. Included are also construction drawings, antenna plots, circuit drawings, and graphs, as well as many Excel spread sheet files, and search logs.

The web format is intentionally simple so that navigating is essentially the same for each page. There are no pop ups, fancy gizmo's and only nine external links to other web sites. The site is under constant revision regarding content, picture and drawing quality.
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