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The most difficult tasks in creating a web picture album is selecting which pictures to display. Server space is quickly eaten up with commercial programs that display fancy pages with thumnails. My picture pages are intentionally simple where I can control quality and size and server space.
The selection was finally chosen for the amateur content, for those who may search the web for memories of the Amateur Radio Association of Bahrain (ARAB).
Amateur call sign list - current and ex members.
A92RP VHF Repeater - Located in Manama. Installed on top of the National Bank of Bahrain.
A92C Club House New - Located in Mina Sulman Industrial Area, next to electricity headquarters.
A92C Club House Old - Located in the compound of ATS industrial estate.
Members VHF Desert Party - A club social day out testing the repeater range and riding camels.
Various Mecom Exhibitions - Members helping construct the STRUMECH tower. Also showing Lloyd and Iris Calvin, the famous DX travelers.
Thailand Temples - Not radio, just a selection of temples of interest - This was my original test site. I wished to display picture quality at a reasonable size. Unless you use a fast modem or have broadband, download, may take a little time. Most pictures are no larger than 30K each.
Subjects for the future, as server space permits
Oman - A45XU
Thailand - HS0ZEE
Libya - 5A
Ghana - 9G1SS
Zambia - 9J2SS
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