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Bahrain Amateur Radio Club 01 June 2013 Added MP4BAO, MP4BCJ, MP4BCT, MP4BGE, MP4BIY, MP4BFK
Bahrain Amateur Radio Club 14 March 2013 Added MP4BIT
Bahrain Amateur Radio Club 09 May 2012 Added URL to Jean-Michal QSL Card Collection
Bahrain Amateur Radio Club 24 Jan 2012 Added A92HC & A92MB
Weather Station 20 Dec 2011 Weather history Records all updated
Windy2 attacked by ants 20 Dec 2011 Added a new page describing weather data logger PCB falure
Bahrain Amateur Radio Club 20 Dec 2011 List Updated and lots of editing
Logs on line 16 March 2010 Server side issues sorted out concerning php codes, and log locations
Bahrain Amateur Radio Club 12 Sept 2009 Four new pictures added curtsey of Will WC6DX ex A92GF
Bahrain Amateur call sign list 11 Sept 2009 List reformatted and updated , with details provided by A92GE
Index page (Home page) 10 Sept 2009 HTML Code clean up. Call list URL moved to bottom of index page
DXCC summery 09 Sept 2009 Band Summary and log details updated
Weather Station 09 Sept 2009 History Weather Graphs updated
Quad antenna matching units 08 April 2008 Picture upgraded of 20 meters Omega match construction box. Links added to circuit diagrams
Tower Views 08 April 2008 Pictures (12 Large) added of views from tower top
A92BE Logs Books 12 April 2008 Pictures (2 Large) added showing log book pile, and mould
Bahrain call sign list up dated 16 March 2010 Up date including MP4 call series added Thanks VE3CRG
Bahrain call sign list up dated 23 April 2008 Three names added, including one silent key
Retirement Visa Details (Thailand) 23 April 2008 Documents required for retirement visa to Thailand (Rewritten)
Guest Book 04 Aug 2008 Message board updated
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